Your Session

The Perfect Photo

Chicago Photographers Studio for Babies

I am a natural light photographer – both on-location and in my studio. What, exactly, does this mean? It means that I can come to your home (or a different location of your choosing; i.e. beach, park, etc.) for your session or we can meet in my studio located at the 4001 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL (at corner of Irving Park and Ravenswood; map).

Because I prefer natural light, I will often need to wander around and look for the best light. If we are in your home, this may entail moving furniture and opening blinds.

Getting To Know Your Child

After looking for light, I will want to spend some time getting to know your children. I'd like them to feel comfortable with me since I will be following them around for the next 1-2 hours.

I may ask them to show me their favorite toys or I may just sit down and play with them. Regardless, I will follow their lead.

Because I want your children to be as relaxed as possible, please do not make a big deal about it being "picture day." Also, please allow for and embrace spontaneous moments – often these make the best images. Lastly, I will never ask your child to say "cheese," and I ask that you don't either.

Picking The Outfit

Photographer Studio Maternity and PregnancyWhat to wear? Obviously, it's not really about what you wear, but I do have some suggestions.

For newborns, less is best. Admit it, newborns look a little ridiculous in clothes!

As for everyone else, I recommend clothing that is comfortable and casual. Please keep in mind, clothing with logos or heavily branded garments detract from the overall image.

While simple clothing is always safe – funky, embellished and textured clothing can also photograph really well.

In terms of footwear, barefoot is typically best. Hats, scarves and other well chosen clothing accessories look great as well.

Chicago Photography StudioTo provide further guidance, the following are some clothing lines that photograph really well:

Babies and Toddlers

  • Tea
  • Mini Boden
  • Oilily
  • Flora and Henri
  • crewcuts (J. Crew)
  • Baby Gap


Older Girls (aged 3+)

  • Anthropologie
  • Gap Kids
  • Boden
  • crewcuts (J. Crew)


Older Boys (aged 3+)

  • Gap Kids
  • Boden
  • Diesel
  • crewcuts (J. Crew)

If you need or would like help in choosing clothes for your session, please let me know, I'd be happy to help!

Video created by Paul Hamilton.