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As a Chicago family photographer, Shalimar enjoys working with families to help craft that perfect photo – one that helps capture the various personalities that make a family unique unto itself.  By getting to know her subjects, how they interact and what makes each person special, Shalimar can help devise a photo session that will ensure she captures each subject's compelling qualities and characteristics. In the gallery above, one can get a better understanding of what makes Shalimar a leading Chicago family photographer.

What is Family Photography

Family photography is memorable. It lasts a lifetime. It helps capture the memories, personalities, and unique attributes of a group that are tied together via genetics and DNA.  Family photographers work to capture each individual's personality and characteristics – crafting a visual representation that binds the group into a seamless expression that's exhibited through a single photograph (or, collection of photographs). The goal of family photography is to ensure the group's faces and expressions are the predominant features within the image. Whether it's newbornsbabies, children or the entire family, getting these various individuals to work in concert with one another is where a skilled photographer's expertise shines.  When it comes together, the results of a well-designed family photography image can be impressive.

August 2, 2018
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