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As a Chicago baby photographer, Shalimar Beekman works with her young subjects to create lasting and memorable imagery. Through an easy-going attitude and approach, Shalimar leverages a babies' inquisitive nature and energy to bring out the most in her photo subjects. In reviewing her infant photography portfolio, one can see the level of effort and skill that Shalimar utilizes in bringing her subject to life and helping to expose their cute personalities, emotions, and unique facial expressions.

What is Baby Photography

A baby photographer seeks to capture the energy and emotion of young children as they learn about and explore the world around them. Given babies are inherently unpredictable, sometimes temperamental and always on-the-go, baby photography can be a challenging endeavor. In crafting the perfect baby portrait photography, the goal is to work quickly and efficiently to catch the subject when they're most comfortable and in a playful mood. By acting in tandem with the baby, the Chicago infant photographer can help capture imagery that most closely represents the unique personality of the photographed subject.  Many baby photographers and infant photographers have utilized this technique and it's one of the best ways to help ensure a baby photo is the highest quality possible. Check out her Chicago baby photographer blog for more great baby photos, newborn imagery, pregnancy and maternity photos.

August 2, 2018
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