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Chicago Studio Photographer

Although nature can provide a great backdrop, Shalimar sometimes chooses to leverage her talents as a Chicago studio photographer to bring out the most of her subjects.  Through careful setup, diligent planning and by working closely with the individual or small group that will be featured in the studio photography, Shalimar uses the latest lighting technologies and textured backgrounds.  Her careful attention to treatments, clothing and supplemental props make her subjects the focal point of the studio photos – capturing a perfect moment in time.

What is Studio Photography

Studio photography occurs in a controlled environment where nearly all elements of the photo shoot can be influenced, modified or changed in a manner that produces a desired result.  Typically, when conducting a studio portraiture session, a large amount of photography equipment is needed.  This equipment is what is required to produce the controlled results of a great studio photography image.  This extensive amount of equipment usually includes digital cameras, numerous lens, camera tripods, basic or more advanced studio lighting systems, strobe or dome lights, hot lamps, countless lighting stands, light umbrellas, flash meters, large backdrops of seamless paper or fabric, and an assistant or two.  At the end of the day, these extraordinary efforts help to produce memorable images that last a lifetime.

August 2, 2018
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