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Capturing those special memories of pregnancy are an important part of every mother's life.  As a Chicago pregnancy photographer, Shalimar Beekman works with her maternity clients to careful plan and compose the photo session.  Her goal is to make the mother feel at ease as she creates the images that will last a lifetime.  View the images above to get a better understanding of how the feelings of pregnancy can be captured, shared and retained.  Through a skills of a Chicago pregnancy photographer, the subject will be able to share her great photos with family members, friends, and the most important person, the one that will be arriving in the very near future.

What is Pregnancy Photography

A pregnancy photographer has a very special role as they work to capture the memories, expression and emotion of a soon-to-be mother.  The period right before birth is filled with anticipation and excitement – as the parents begin efforts to prepare for the impending arrival of a little boy, girl or maybe more.

In short, the goal of pregnancy or maternity photography is to stop time, for that one moment, and gather the pictures that define this important stage of life. The images that result from these sessions are more than just traditional snapshots.  They're a well-designed, thoughtfully conceived set of images that represent the mindset of maternity, pregnancy and a pregnant mother's understanding that life will soon be changing as they bring someone into this world.

August 2, 2018
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