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Chicago Portrait Photographer

In capturing her subject's emotion and personality as a Chicago portrait photographer, Shalimar Beekman works diligently to bring out the most of her subjects.  As can be seen in her Chicago portrait photography gallery above, she takes great pride in bringing the subject to life, helping expose the innermost soul through their brilliant eyes and facial expressions.

What is Portrait Photography

A portrait photographer works to capture a person's personality, expression or emotion by photographing thier face as the primary focal point in the image.  The goal of photo is to ensure the face and expression is the predominant feature in the image where the likeness, mood or personality clearly represents the subject matter. Similar to other types of photography, portrait photographers may include objects that include more than the person's face. These items may feature the person's body, the foreground, the background and other assorted imagery.

Typically, portrait photography is not a traditional snapshot, but rather a comprehensive and well-structured image of a person (e.g. newborn, baby or child) or small group of people (e.g. family) in a static, non-moving position. Usually, a portrait shows an individual that is looking directly into the lens of the camera.

August 2, 2018
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