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Chicago Nature Photographer

In leveraging her skills as a Chicago nature photographer, Shalimar focuses on utilizing the beauty of the great outdoors to make her photo subjects look great, feel great and appear at ease.  She's brings out their best qualities through careful lighting, subtle direction and letting individuals move freely as she captures their emotion, personality and inflections.  Regardless of the season, whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, Shalimar uses nature to enhance the quality of the image – creating a piece of art that will be timeless for years to come.  Preview her nature photographer gallery above to see examples of this great work.

What is Nature Photography

At its essence, nature photography involves using the physical elements of the world to better the overall quality of the photography image. It uses specialized sunlight highlights, reflections, shadows and shading to frame the subject in a manner that's not possible in a traditional studio setting. Furthering this eye-catching visual design approach, nature portraiture leverages landscape oriented elements such as trees, flowers, grass, earth and water to add a dynamic approach to the Chicago nature photographer session. Nature photography in an outdoor setting brings a whole new vantage point to how the subject is captured and, when used effectively, allows the photographed individual to be the focal point for all to see and admire.

August 2, 2018
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