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As a leading Chicago lifestyle photographer, Shalimar seeks to bring out the best of her subject's personality, interests and emotion through the use of well-crafted, lifestyle oriented imagery. Through the use of natural photography settings, on-location and in-studio photo sessions, she uses real-life approaches in shaping the lifestyle photography.  This results in crafting a visual image that portrays her subjects in a manner that accurately reflects who they are. View Shalimar's Chicago lifestyle photography gallery above as she brings out the best in her subjects and works to expose their strongest qualities and personality characteristics.

What is Lifestyle Photography

At its core, lifestyle photography is a style of photography that focuses on portraying real-life situations in a measured, coordinated, and controlled setting.  Through lighting approaches that use a bright, nature and airy-type look and feel, lifestyle portraiture is commonly utilized as the primary photography approach in widely distributed magazines, fashion-oriented photography, and advertising photos. By featuring photography subjects in a highly controllable setting, a Chicago lifestyle photographer can create an image that clearly reflects a desired mood, emotion or desired treatment – highlighting the individual, product or subject in a way to brings out its best qualities. In the end, its about crafting a photographic story that conveys a specific message or feeling about the person highlighted in the image.

August 2, 2018
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