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Chicago Black & White Photographer

In addition to producing an extensive amount of color photography works, Shalimar Beekman also creates award-winning imagery as a black and white photographer.  By focusing her efforts in a monochrome format, Shalimar can bring out the most in her subjects through innovative shading, diligent lighting and expert timing. Within her Chicago black and white photography gallery above, Shalimar shows a sampling of her photos featuring babies, children, pregnant mothers and families.

What is Black and White Photography

A black and white photographer forgoes color photography for a colorless approach that really lets the subject shine – focusing on an individuals facial expressions, body language and demeanor and doing away with the potentially distracting nature of color photography.  The goal in creating black & white photography is to enable the person's face and expressions to be the predominant focal point within the image.  Not dissimilar from other forms of portraiture approaches, black and white photographers will make extensive use of artificial, natural, reflected lighting and other light directional treatments.  These photo techniques will appear more prominently within a black and white photo image helping to highlight the foreground, the background and other assorted elements that may appear within the image.

In most cases, black and white photographers create images that are timeless in nature and can live on for decades to come. Unlike their color photography brethren, black and white images present an non-distracting view of subjects at their purest.

August 2, 2018
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